Video of the Week: PikaTAG™ – Cryogenic Vial Cap Labeling Kit (Patent Pending)

PikaTAG™ unique ergonomic design has been specifically developed for the application of small labels into indented-cap style cryogenic storage vials, which are traditionally difficult to label, and require the use of a special insert. This hand-held applicator tool provides welcome relief for laboratory and research personnel, freeing them from the tedious work of fiddling with tiny labels.

For use with most common cryogenic vials (1.2 to 5ml) including Nunc® #375418, Nalgene®#5000-0020, Corning™#430488, Simport® #T301, T308, T309, T310, and T311, Greiner Cryo.s™, and similar vials.

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