Automotive Labels for Identification Purposes

GA International understands that automotive applications can be demanding for traditional labeling solutions, which is why IndustriTAG offers a line of durable thermal-transfer automotive labels designed to identify every automotive part and component accurately and securely. From printing variable information to withstanding extreme temperatures, corrosive acids, brake fluid, and gasoline, or just adhering to rough surfaces, our auto labels have been tested and approved for all your automotive applications.

automotive labels for difficult surfaces like under the hood parts, car interior fabrics, plastics and metal pieces

Specialty Automotive Labels

Acid-Resistant Battery Labels

  • These acid-resistant labels resist direct and prolonged exposure to harsh battery acids without peeling, smearing, or smudging
  • Excellent temperature resistance, will withstand low-temperature and high-heat conditions (-30°C/-22°F to +100°C /+212°F)
  • Thermal-transfer printable, allows for printing of variable information, as well as 1D and/or 2D barcodes
  • Fully customizable, can be pre-printed in color and/or laminated for added protection

Wrap-Around Wire & Cable Labels

Car wires require clear and easy-to-read labels for quick identification during maintenance or replacement. Our wrap-around wire labels provide a high-resolution, clear printout that is heat, chemical, and abrasion-resistant, can withstand elevated temperatures up to +150°C (+302°F), and comply with North American and European regulations.

Tire Labels

IndustriTAG’s tough tire labels strongly adhere to rubber and rough tire tread, including the rubber surfaces of summer and winter tires. These durable thermal-transfer labels are perfect for indoor storage and supply chain management. They are also waterproof, tearproof, and weatherproof, able to withstand long-term storage outdoors in a range of environments. View our complete line of tire labels!

Windshield Static-Cling Automotive Labels

  • Adhesive-free, static-cling labels can be readily repositioned without leaving behind any residue
  • Ideal for the identification of glass surfaces and windshields with service reminders, such as oil change notices
  • Available in assorted colors for color coding and quick identification
  • Compatible with all common thermal-transfer printer brands

DataGARD™ Tracking
& Inventory Control

Heat-Resistant Automotive Labels

Made with a strong adhesive, these heat-resistant labels are perfect for labeling textured metal and plastic surfaces. Able to resist extreme heat up to +150°C (+302°F), these labels can be used to identify and track under-the-hood products and parts. They are thermal-transfer printable, providing high-quality, easily scannable barcodes.

Oil-Proof Country of Origin Labels

  • Resist oil and grease, ideal for identifying under-the-hood parts that will be frequently exposed to oils and engine fluids
  • Weatherproof and withstand extreme temperatures, including heating up to +100°C (+212°F)
  • Ideal for components that are exposed to the elements
  • Strong permanent adhesive ensures the label will not peel or wrinkle, even in harsh conditions
  • Available in various sizes and formats, and can be configured according to oil and gas industry specifications

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