Flexographic & Digital Label Printing

IndustriTAG offers a range of printing options, including printing sheet, roll, or fanfold label formats, using digital (laser, thermal, and inkjet) or flexographic printing methods. Flexographic printing is well suited for high-volume printing of static information, while digital printing is best suited for printing variable data. Moreover, certain situations may require both technologies, such as flexographic printed, color coded tabs or logos, followed by thermal-transfer printed serialized barcoding. We can also provide double-sided printing, printing on adhesives, as well as variable data printing, printing serial numbers, 1D or 2D barcodes, and printing from a database. Our printing services always ensure accurate printing and long-lasting stability of your printout while adding that personal touch. This will help you run your operations efficiently with a hands-off approach to asset identification. Simply supply us with your database, and we’ll take care of printing your labels. We can also print full-color designs, including graphics and company logos.

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Variable Data Printing

We can provide your labels pre-printed with serialized information and variable data from a supplied database. VDP can utilize computer databases and digital print devices to effectively create high-quality labels, and enable the mass customization of identification solutions.


Printing Options

We can print your labels using a variety of printing methods, including digital (laser and inkjet), flexographic, and thermal (thermal-transfer and direct thermal) printing. This includes printing specialty label formats, such as holographic foil labels, printing on adhesives, piggyback, and fanfold label formats.


Color Printing

Labels can be printed with color graphics and images, including full-color logos and designs. Full-color printing is a digital printing method that offers a wider range of color blending abilities, and can provide crisper, more vibrant colors than labels printed by the user.

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