Flame-Marker™ Flame-Resistant Permanent Marker for Metal Surfaces#FLM-1B

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Flame-Marker™ Flame Resistant Permanent Marker for Metal Surfaces

Permanent flame-resistant marker intended for metal surfaces, such as iron and stainless steel. The marker has a permanent ink that is water and weatherproof, with a thermal resistance of -196ºC to 1200ºC* (-320ºF to 2192ºF*). Ideal for marking off areas to be cut, welded, brazed or for the identification of tools and equipment, this marker can be used in the aerospace, automotive, construction, and metalworking industries.

The marker can withstand the rigors of steel production and will not char, discolor, run, peel or crack. Able to withstand direct flame contact, the markings will not burn off or fade, remaining visible and legible in all weather conditions.

Available colors: Black
Thermal resistance of ink: From -196°C to 1200°C* (-320°F to 2192°F*)
Instructions: Discard protective inner cap. Twist end of the barrel to advance. The point will not retract.

*Direct flame on stainless steel.


Shipping Weight

0.15 lbs

0.068 kg

Shipping Dimensions (L x W x H)

0.625 × 4 × 6.625 in

15.9 x 101.6 x 168.3 mm





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