Labels for Electronic Parts and Components

IndustiTAG offers durable labels for identifying electronic parts and appliances. The continual evolution of electrical components requires accurate and secure labeling solutions to ensure consistent inventory tracking, data capture, and clear-cut product identification. We offer labels for the electronic industry specifically designed for PC boards and cable wires, anti-counterfeiting labels, and laminated labels with serialized variable information.

A computer circuit board identified with a permanent label printed with a serial number and 1D barcode.

Circuit Board and Components Identification Labels

Our electrical labels for circuit boards and components are coated with a permanent adhesive that resists wash processes, cleaning with alcohol, and high-heat conditions, withstanding temperatures up to 150°C/302°F. UL and c-UL (CSA) recognized, they comply with ROHS/Regulation 2002/95/EU and resist the stringent conditions associated with soldering, such as flux.

Wrap-Around Wire and Cable Labels

  • Ideal for identifying curved wires and cables or cables that may become curved
  • Heat, abrasion, and chemical-resistant labels withstand temperatures up to 150°C (302°F)
  • Comply with North American and European regulations, including RoHS and UL standards
  • Thermal-transfer printable, allows wires to be labeled with serialized information and barcodes

Electronic Inspection Labels

Electronic inspection labels are perfect for the identification of calibrated instruments and help ensure traceability. Hand-writable, they can include information on the instrument, gauges, amperage, and date, and once laminated, the information is protected and cannot be altered. The clear laminate protects the labels against harsh chemicals, abrasion, and mechanical damage.

Tamper-Evident Labels for the Electronic Industry

  • Tamper-evident labels complicate the task of tampering with electronic devices by ensuring any attempt to remove the label will be noticed
  • Ideal for identifying electronic equipment, instruments, portable assets, and components that require evidence of possible tampering
  • Deter counterfeiting, theft, prevent re-use of the label, and improve loss prevention
  • Thermal-transfer printable can be printed with serialized information and barcodes for improved asset protection and data tracking


Laminated Serialized Barcode Identification Labels

IndustriTAG offers a printing service that provides laminated labels with serialized variable information. This service is ideal for labeling electric components and electronic equipment that need a unique identifier for asset tracking or maintenance, while also ensuring the information is protected. Our labels and their individual, serialized data are protected against exposure to harsh chemicals and solvents, abrasion, scratching and friction, and will remain legible and scannable.

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