DataGARD™ – Variable Data Laminated Labels

DataGARD labels are a novel and unique identification solution providing laminated serialized barcode identification. Ideal for labeling electric components and electronic equipment that need a unique identifier for asset tracking or maintenance while protecting the printed information underneath. The labels and their individual, serialized information are protected against exposure to harsh chemicals and solvents, resist abrasion, scratching and friction, as well as extreme temperatures, UV light, heavy-duty cleaning and lubrication processes, while remaining legible and scannable. In fact, the labels have been shown to even withstand sandpaper, whether used by hand or with a Dremel™® tool. Our laminated serialized identification solution ensures the labels are waterproof, weatherproof, and wear-and-tear proof.

Blue color mother board labeled with Industritag datagard Laminated serialized identification solution.

Improve Efficiency

Supply us with your database, and we’ll take care of printing your labels. Keep your operations running without the added time and monetary cost of buying and using label printers and software.

Ensure Durability

All labels are covered with a high-quality laminate layer creating a physical barrier between your data and harsh environments. This creates an indestructible label, when combined with our durable label stocks and adhesives.


These laminated labels can be printed with serialized numbers, 1D and 2D barcodes, alphanumerical text, as well as full-color designs and logos, allowing you to visualize and have instant access to the information.

Use DataGARD™ in Industrial Applications

  • Identify circuit boards and electrical panels
  • Asset tracking in electronics, forestry, construction, manufacturing, mining and more
  • Labels stay clear even under heat and covered in oil, water and dirt
  • Waterproof, weatherproof, wear & tear proof
  • Resistant to chemical exposure and abrasion

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Improve the traceability of your assets with DataGARD™ – laminated Serialized Identification Solution