Labeling Solutions for Steel and Metal Manufacturing

GA International manufactures and supplies durable labeling solutions for steel mills and foundries. Our robust labels and tags for steel and metal manufacturing are designed to withstand the extreme temperatures encountered during manufacturing, the aggressive and corrosive acids and abrasives used for cleaning, and the varied weather conditions faced during staging, storage, and in transit. Thermal-transfer printable, our tough labels can be printed with variable information and barcodes for enhance tracking and traceability.

Polyimide Tags for High-Temperatures

Durable high-temperature polyimide hang tags for hot metal processing. These thermal-transfer printable adhesive-free tags are designed for labeling hot metals and other harsh environments and can withstand service temperatures as high as 300°C/572°F as well as short-term exposure of up to +400°C/752°F.

Our labels for steel and metal manufacturing are ideal for use in steel mills and factory processes for identifying metal slabs, pipes, sheets, wire rod coils, and springs.

Labels for High-Temperatures

  • Resist extreme heat environments, up to +150°C (+302°F)
  • Made with a strong permanent adhesive, perfect for labeling metal surfaces
  • Withstand exposure to chemicals and abrasives, including dust, dirt, and oily conditions
  • Printable with all major thermal-transfer printer brands, providing excellent barcode quality

Self-Laminating Labels for

Our heat-resistant thermal-transfer labels are provided with a clear laminate to protect the printout from the harsh acids, oils, and industrial abrasives used in acid baths and during the cleaning process employed within steel factories. These permanent labels can be printed on using thermal-transfer printers to include serialized information as well as 1D and/or 2D barcodes.

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