Construction Labels for Identification Solutions

Construction sites can pose serious hazards for workers, including fall risks, falling objects, live power lines, and moving machines. Our heavy duty construction labels can help maintain high workplace safety standards, proper signage and visible communication that are required to provide clear instructions and warnings.

IndustriTAG offers specialized construction labels designed to identify the hard-to-label surfaces encountered during construction, including brick, stone, cement, lumber, as well as plastic and metal tools.

Large stack of two-by-fours, identified with a durable construction label for wood surfaces, printed with text and a 1D barcode.

Construction Site Labels for Bricks

  • BrickTAG labels adhere to rough and uneven surfaces, such as concrete, clay bricks, lime stones, as well as marble and granite slabs
  • Waterproof and weatherproof, these tough construction labels withstand extreme weather conditions
  • Our brick labels resist general chemical exposure, making them perfect for labeling chemical-resistant and acid bricks
  • Compatible with most brands of thermal-transfer barcode printers, which can be used to design and print barcodes, serialized numbers, and text

Construction Area Labels for Lumber & Wooden Surfaces

  • LumberTAG labels are coated with a strong permanent adhesive that adheres to rough wood surfaces, including lumber, plywood boards, and wooded logs
  • These durable construction labels are waterproof and withstand a wide temperature range, from -54°C to +72°C (-65°F to +160°F), making them ideal for material exposed to the harsh outdoors and changing weather conditions
  • Compatible with most brands of thermal-transfer barcode printers, which can print high-quality barcodes and high-resolution text

Construction Tool Identification Labels

  • These durable and heat-resistant labels withstand harsh cleaning methods, including ultrasonic cleaning and lubrification processes
  • Wear-and-tear proof, they will not degrade or fade from exposure and heavy-use, ensuring your equipment remains identified over an extended period of time
  • Ideal for identifying heavy-duty industrial equipment, including pneumatic, powder-actuated, and combustion-powered guns, such as nail, silicone, and glue guns
  • Thermal-transfer printable, they can be printed on with general warning text or barcodes to easily track industrial equipment

Custom Manufacturing of Signs & Labels

Choose from a list of available warning labels or customize your own unique communication label with the help of knowledgeable staff. We have a variety of tough materials, printing options, and configurations, and will supply you with the best construction labeling solutions to meet all your stringent needs. Our labels will ensure your job site remains safe and your workers stay well informed of potential hazards and risks.


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