Electrical Labels for Identification Purposes

Our safety and identification solutions for the electric power industry include electrical box labels and tapes, labels for circuit boards, cables, and wires, as well as electrical switch labels and warning labels to help keep your workers well informed and safe on the worksite. Available for printing with thermal-transfer printers, these labeling solutions are designed to withstand heavy use and harsh working environments. Custom options are also available, perfect for crafting tailored solutions to meet your exact needs. Can be provided pre-printed with barcodes, variable data, and company logos. Our electrical labels are Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS)-compliant.

Electrical panel labeled with a bright yellow electric caution symbol, and an electrical warning and safety label, printed in French and English.

Cable & Electrical Wire Labels

Our laser and thermal-transfer printable labels for wires and cables are perfect for accurately identifying network cables and electrical wires, making assembly and repair of data control panels and electronic interfaces easy while cutting down on service time. Available in flag and wrap-around formats to meet your specific needs. Our self-laminating wire and cable labels provide extra protection against elevated temperatures, abrasion, and exposure to harsh chemicals. Conversely, flag cable labels are double-sided and can be printed with serialized data or barcodes that can be readily scanned for easy tracking and allow for greater readability in tight spaces. Provided as rolls or sheets for printing with either thermal or desktop laser printers, they can also be written on using permanent markers.

Electrical Warning Labels

  • Pre-printed in eye-catching color and in both English and French for added readability
  • Abrasion and heat-resistant, withstanding temperatures up to +150°C (+302°F)
  • Comply with North American and European regulations, including RoHS
  • Help prevent electrical accidents and ensure your workers keep track of electrical safety information

Self-Laminating Perforated Tape

Our hand-writable, self-laminating perforated tape can produce on-demand laminated labels, ideally suited for all industries that require clear identification and tracking of instruments and machines periodically serviced or inspected. This tape is perfect for making custom electrical panel labels to identify individual breakers or entire panel sections. This tape can also be used to generate electrical circuit labels, to accurately map your electrical panel directory. The clear laminated will protect your electrical panel labels from abrasion, a wide range of temperatures, UV light, and even chemical exposure, ensuring their information remains legible. This perforated tape can also produce on-demand laminated cable labels, providing additional resistance to heat and damage.

Custom Electrical Labels 

  • Customize your labels to meet your exact electrical application needs, can be pre-printed with variable data and custom graphics
  • We can produce custom labels for improved asset identification, to provide safety warnings, and that are compatible with automated systems
  • Unique materials and adhesives available for specialized surfaces
  • Choose from a range of materials, sizes, colors, and formats, designed to withstand harsh working environments and conditions
A customizable electrical warning label, with empty space reserved for unique symbols, as well as personalized text.

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