“Hazardous Voltage” Warning Label – 5″ x 2.9375″#ZEL-001-0.5

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“Hazardous Voltage” Warning Label – English & French Text

Size: 5″ x 2.9375″ / 127 x 74.6mm

Labels/Roll: 500

Core: 3″ (standard)

Perforation: No

Maximum Temperature: +150°C (+302°F)


Pre-printed electrical warning labels. These “Hazardous Voltage” warning labels are heat-resistant, able to withstand temperatures up to 150°C (302°F). Printed in both English and French, with eye-catching colors and a universally recognized electrical hazard pictogram, to ensure the warning is clearly readable and understood. Comply with North American and European regulations, including RoHS.


  • Heat resistant will withstand temperatures up to 150°C
  • Pre-printed in both English and French for added readability
  • Printed with eye-catching images and vibrant colors

Printed Text (English): WARNING. Hazardous Voltage. Electrocution Risk. This equipment has more than one live circuit. See diagram. Keep doors closed and latched at all times. Shut off the main switch before working on equipment.

Printed Text (French): AVERTISSEMENT. Tension dangereuse. Risque d’électrocution. Cet équipement renferme plusieurs circuits sous tension. Voir le schéma. Les portes doivent être fermées et vérrouillées en tout temps. Mettre l’interrupteur principal hors-circuit avant de travailler sur l’appareil.


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