Custom RFID Labels, Tags & Encoding

IndustriTAG now has the ability to create customized radio-frequency identification (RFID) labels by inserting inlays into any of our durable labels and flexible tags. This allows us to develop unique RFID labeling solutions specifically tailored to any industry. In addition, by combining RFID technology with our durable identification solutions, we can create an RFID label or tag that can be printed with 1D or 2D barcodes, encoded with vital information, and that will withstand various harsh environments and conditions. Moreover, by using an RFID thermal printer, these labels and tags can be printed and encoded simultaneously, saving time and improving productivity. The encoded RFID labels and tags have a storage capacity of 32 hexadecimal characters, which can be locked or password-protected for added security, can be scanned from a distance without a direct line-of-sight, and are rewritable so that they can be re-used.


Simultaneous Reading

RFID labels and tags can emit their signal even when no direct line of sight is available, making them readable in a 360° radius and with a wide omnidirectional read range. This allows multiple RFID tags to be read at once, provides greater freedom for label and tag placement, as well as offering real-time tracking data.


Printed & Encoded

Incorporating an inlay into thermal-transfer labels or flexible tags allows them to be printed and encoding at the same time using a dedicated RFID printer, automating the encoding process. Furthermore, we also offer custom encoding services using our UHF capable printers to encode user labels and tags with electronic information, using supplied codes from an imported database.

UHF - 2

RFID Inlays

We have the equipment and technology necessary to custom produce unique RFID labels by inserting HF/NFC/UHF inlays into virtually any of our durable labels and flexible tags. This allows us to create RFID labeling solutions that will withstand various environments, while also varying the size and configuration of the facestock and inlay, when necessary, to create an RFID identification solution that will meet our customer’s specific needs.

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Improve the traceability of your assets with custom RFID Labels & Encoding