Aerospace RFID Labels

Airlines and airframers were one of the first adopters of radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology, with some implementing the tech as early far back as 20 years ago. RFID has proven to be a versatile tool for identifying, tracking, and managing critical components, particularly for airplanes, which are composed of thousands, and sometimes millions, of parts. Given the high stakes involved with the aerospace industry, anything that can strengthen transparency, save time, and reduce costly errors is an indispensable asset.

The Supply Chain

Managing aircraft components is critical for the production process, with strict controls and quality standards required to validate component performance and to verify that all necessary process steps have been completed. RFID technology can help ensure all parts are present, placed in the proper location, are serviceable, and authenticated, reducing the volume of unapproved parts that enter the supply chain.

Aircraft Maintenance

The ability of maintenance technicians to determine the origin and repair history of specific aircraft parts is critical to assuring their quality and the overall safety of the aircraft. RFID labels and tags allow many types of critical information to be encoded on the tag, including supplier information, location, and next service date. This means maintenance can be performed more rapidly by reducing time spent looking for serial numbers or contorting to scan a barcode. RFID tags also effectively reduce inspection times, mission threatening errors, and operational costs, and enable improved communication between the airline/airframer and its suppliers when a part is determined to require replacement or repair.

Asset Tracking

Employing an RFID system allows tags to be scanned without direct line-of-sight, making it possible to read multiple tags simultaneously. This automates an otherwise manual, labor-intensive process, reducing time waste and human error. As such, maintaining an accurate inventory becomes a much more efficient process, ensuring every single item is accounted for at all times.

Fully Customizable

GA international can provide fully customizable RFID labels for aerospace to suit your specific application. This includes a variety of inlay and antennae combinations, depending on the amount of information that needs to be encoded, your safety concerns, and the necessary read range. Our durable specialty labels combined with customizable RFID technology make for an error-free, dependable identification solution.

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