Logistic & Supply Chain RFID Labels

Supply chain management and logistics provide the perfect environment for the implementation of radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology and are ideally suited to take advantage of its many benefits. RFID can increase visibility during manufacturing all the way through the supply chain, from the storage room to the retail floor, and finally to the exit door, while offering significant advantages over traditional inventory control methods.

Sightless Scanning

One of the big advantages RFID systems offer over barcoding is the ability to read items without a line of sight. With a barcode, each item needs to be placed directly under the scanner/imager to be registered. This requires finding the barcode and orienting it beneath the scanner at the appropriate angle for it to scan. With RFID, a cart of groceries can be scanned all at once, without the need to take them out first, while a powerful enough scanner could take stock of entire rooms at once, speeding up the inventory process.

Individualized Tracking

The microchip contained in each tag can encode far more information than even 2D barcodes. Assigning individual identifiers to each item allows them to be tracked through your logistics chain, while additional information can also be added, such as a reception date and any restocking data. This makes tracking a defective item back to its source much easier. Unique codes have the added benefit of helping avoid record tampering.

System Integration

Current RFID technology can also be integrated with wireless communication systems as well as real-time inventory management systems. This provides easy monitoring of logistics operations, while also providing increased security. RFID security readers can send alerts if any product leaves the premises, deterring theft and helping catch misdirected shipments. Real-time inventory counts also allow for added information to be collected for retail, including if certain items are purchased more frequently at specific times, and allow for automatic refilling.

GA international can provide fully customizable RFID tags to suit your specific application. This includes a variety of inlay and antennae combinations, depending on the amount of information that needs to be encoded, your safety concerns, and the necessary read range. Our durable specialty labels combined with customizable RFID technology make for an error-free, dependable identification solution.

Real-Time Data

An RFID reader can create up-to-date and detailed lists of products in the delivery truck, warehouse, or on store shelves. This allows for a real-time count of how much of a given product is on hand, without relying on a days or weeks old inventory report. This also eliminates the need for physical inventory counts, which are prone to human error and can be costly. Furthermore, RFID readers built into warehouse doorways can scan products as they enter and exit the facility, providing instant inventory updates.

RFID Labels in Different Industries

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