Energy (Oil & Gas) RFID Labels

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) systems have a plethora of applications in the oil and gas sector, designed to increase operational efficiency, enhance production, and improve safety and security. When combined with traditional GPS technologies, RFID tags allow for improved tracking of hardware and personnel, equipment monitoring, and management of projects and logistics.

Managing Operations & Logistics

RFID tags and readers can be used to automate and expedite the receiving and tracking of material throughout expansive work sites and rigs. Oil drilling companies are currently employing RFID to improve delivery and processing times as well as inventory accuracy and to ensure rented equipment is returned promptly, reducing excess charges. RFID technology can also be utilized to monitor the status of valuable equipment in the field. RFID tags can provide data on a specific pipe’s ID number, age, length, usage, underground temperature, flow rate, and mud composition.

Asset Management & Maintenance

Implementation of an RFID system can help manage all assets being provided, inspected, and maintained. The tags transmit live information to an asset management system, providing regular location alerts and notifications in case something goes wrong. They can be used to maintain pipelines and other equipment exposed to harsh environments by measuring joint pressure, indicating proper assembly, and identifying oil leakage. They can even be used to schedule maintenance, which can involve numerous processes, including shutting down entire sections and disconnecting pipes.

Safety & Security

RFID technology is helping improve the safety and security of oil refineries and drilling sites by facilitating safe fueling, offering fleet-management solutions, and maintaining accurate records, updated in real-time. RFID can also help ensure worker safety through an RFID-based personnel tracking system that can ascertain the whereabouts of thousands of staff, contractors, and visitors. It can provide headcounts automatically during evacuations and emergency situations, assist in search and rescue operations, and alert supervisors to hazardous situations.

Fully Customizable

GA international can provide fully customizable RFID tags to suit your specific application. This includes a variety of inlay and antennae combinations, depending on the amount of information that needs to be encoded, your safety concerns, and the necessary read range. Our durable specialty labels combined with customizable RFID technology make for an error-free, dependable identification solution.

RFID Labels in Different Industries

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